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TC 40

Capacitors and resistors

The job of a Technical Committee (TC) is to work on technical documents. Small teams are always faster and more efficient, therefore the work is executed in specific groups. These groups are composed of people from all around the world who are experts in electrotechnology. The great majority of them come from industry, others come from commerce, government, test laboratories, research laboratories, academia and consumer groups.


If there is a new work item, the experts form a Project Team (PT), which operates under the responsibility of a project leader. If revision of a standard is required, a Maintenance Team (MT) is formed, which operates under a convenor. Once the project or the maintenance work has been completed, the teams are disbanded. Each project team will normally have only one project in its work programme. Project or maintenance teams may either be grouped together into a Working Group (WG) or report directly to the parent committee.

Technical Committees and Subcommittees maintain liaisons. In order to be effective, the liaison operates in both directions. Official liaison officers are responsible for the collaboration with the different groups.

Collaboration with other Technical Committees

  • TC 40 liaison with TC 9: Electrical equipment and systems for railways
  • TC 40 liaison with SC 37B; Components for low-voltage surge protection
  • TC 40 liaison with SC 47D: Semiconductor devices packaging
  • TC 40 liaison with TC 69: Electric road vehicles and electric industrial trucks
  • TC 40 liaison with TC 91: Electronics assembly technology
  • TC 40 liaison with TC 101: Electrostatics
  • TC 40 liaison with TC 104: Environmental conditions, classification and methods of test
  • TC 40 liaison with TC 108: Safety of electronic equipment within the field of audio/video, information technology and communication technology