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Capacitors and resistors

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Founded in 1954, TC 40: Capacitors and Resistors for Electronic Equipment, is the mother committee of all the electronic components committees. Other committees, such as the Semiconductor, Connector, Inductor and Printed Board committees, were later founded in 1960.

TC 40 main activity is creating and maintaining standards for:

  • Capacitors, resistors, thermistors and varistors intended for use in electronic equipment
  • Capacitors, resistors and inductors, and complete electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression filter units, for EMI suppression, including safety requirements
  • Passive integrated circuits or networks containing resistors, capacitors, inductors, or their combinations
  • Packaging of electronic components for automatic handling. This is an activity, which TC 40 does on behalf of all relevant component technical committees
  • Electric double layer capacitors (EDLC) for use in electric and electronic equipment

The world would not turn without capacitors and resistors!

Electronic and electrical circuits cannot be built without capacitors or resistors. In a modern electronic circuit each integrated circuit (IC) needs on average ten capacitors and/or resistors to function. This has created an annual market of over 4000 billion capacitors and resistors (including varistors and thermistors) with business value of approximately 25 billion USD.

Plenty of new challenges

New technologies and materials, continuous miniaturization and assembly of technological developments, such as component embedding into printed boards, increasing digitalization and higher signal frequencies, tightening safety and environmental requirements, result in continuous need for new and improved standards. Whether you are a component manufacturer or user, public safety authority or a test house, scientist or industrialist, your input is invaluable to TC 40 work.

Learn more through this website and join TC 40 today through your National Committee. You will become a member of an enthusiastic international professional network of top experts, who are doing all of this rewarding work for the good of all nations.